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The JAAS Group does not see successful entrepreneurship and social responsibility as a contradiction. Rather, it sees the great opportunities that arise from the synergy of both aspects. Alignment along the three corporate responsibility areas of environmental, social and governance (ESG) already determines how successfully a company can position itself in the market. JAAS does justice to this fact and brings a profitable market performance in line with a sustainable corporate orientation, social action maxims and responsible management in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. 

Marc Albeck of JAAS: "We make our contribution to developing the real estate industry into a driving force for liveable neighbourhoods, sustainable construction and fair economic action."

The following concrete approaches are part of the JAAS Group's self-image and corporate mission statement:



  • Use of sustainable and ecological building materials: energy and CO₂ balances in the manufacturing process
  • Short supply chains: preference is given to working with regional suppliers in order to keep transport distances to a minimum
  • Space optimization in the planning process
  • Integration of green areas such as green roofs
  • Innovative lighting concepts to avoid light contamination
  • Waste avoidance in the construction process (urban mining: recycling waste as secondary raw materials)

New construction:

  • Demand for high quality standards: high-quality architecture to enhance the cityscape and preserve the buildings in the long term
  • Energy generation through the integration of e.g. air/water/heat pumps, geothermal energy and photovoltaic systems
  • Planning of energy efficiency class A/A+
  • Additional certifications such as DGNB

Old/existing building:

  • Reduction of energy consumption occurring during operation (e.g. through insulation, measures to reduce water consumption, modern heating systems, smart home, etc.)
  • Development of concepts for socially acceptable interim use of residential and office space (avoidance of vacancies)
  • Revitalization of unused space potentials
  • Pollutant cleanup and disposal of harmful and hazardous materials


  • Social inclusion: barrier-free construction (suitable for the elderly and disabled),smart home (communication),socially friendly architecture
  • Support regular health education and prevention
  • Facilitate physically strenuous work as much as possible through the use of machinery and reduce health risks
  • Develop solutions for balancing work and family life
  • Fair pay, models to support private pension provision/company pension scheme
  • Promote professional and personal development (continuing education)
  • Support for social projects
  • Team building/events

JAAS supports the following social institutions and projects: 

  • Labo's World
  • KINDerLEBEN e. V.
  • German Heart Center Berlin
  • TrauerZeit Orphan Aid Berlin e. V.
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  • In-house compliance guidelines
  • Membership in industry associations
  • Transparency through active public relations
  • Active risk management, especially in the area of information technology (secure data infrastructure)
  • Measures to prevent money laundering
  • Careful selection of subcontractors and corresponding codes of conduct, which are lived in practice, to avoid undeclared work and exploitative employment relationships
  • ESG due diligence in the context of corporate investments (venture capital)
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