Identifying potentials – creating values

Asset Management

Extensive market knowledge, broad expertise, flexibility and readiness to adapt to changing conditions form the foundation of successful asset management. JAAS also relies on close cooperation with project partners, clients and service providers, based on mutual trust. All measures, from planning and coordinating to controlling and reporting to risk management, are tailored to the requirements of the individual project and are coordinated by the managing directors along the value chain. Short lines of communication, efficient pooling of all relevant information as well as continuous optimization of workflow processes make sure that the asset management is geared towards optimizing the profitability of the property.

The wide range of expertise and skills of the managing directors of JAAS complement each other and ensure the performance of the investments in the long term. Our vision is to build a real estate portfolio in metropolitan regions, prosperous cities with more than 100,000 citizens, classified as so-called “B cities”, and university cities across Germany.