Taking responsibility
Marc Albeck, Managing Director of JAAS: “We are committed to making the real estate industry a driving force for attractive neighbourhoods, sustainable building, and fair business practices.”


Corporate Social Responsibility
The three managing directors of the JAAS Group believe that successful entrepreneurship and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. They have rather recognized the great opportunities arising from the synergy between the two concepts. The extent to which a company is able to position themselves successfully in the market is already being determined by their implementation of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and compliance with ESG criteria. JAAS has addressed this issue and has reconciled strong market performance with CSR principles and a sustainable corporate strategy.

The following issues are part of the philosophy and corporate mission of JAAS:


  • Integration of green spaces (green roofs, etc.)
  • Savings in land consumption
  • Goal is to extend a property’s life cycle, if possible (construction taking into account the needs of senior citizens, careful asset management and development)
  • Renovation and restoration: have an impact on the energy consumption of the property (insulation, measures to reduce water consumption, modern heating systems, smart home, etc.)
  • Construction materials: energy and carbon footprints in the manufacturing process (wood vs. steel/concrete)
  • Waste prevention in the construction process (urban mining: recovery of raw materials)

Social issues:

  • Social inclusion: barrier-free design (construction taking into account the needs of senior citizens and citizens with disabilities),smart home (communication),architecture setting the stage for social interactions
  • Responsible management:
  • Carefully select subcontractors and establish respective codes of conduct, which are complied with in practice, to prevent illegal employment and exploitative employment conditions
  • Develop solutions to better balance work and family
  • Use machines whenever possible to facilitate physically demanding work, and reduce health risks
  • Support regular health education and health care